Price: $25.00 Per Month

The Part 107 BUSINESS Package includes the materials you will need to study and setup your pilot test, including:

  • Test Overview & What to Expect
    • Detailed overview including where to register to take the FAA Pilot Knowledge Test, what to bring, allowed reference materials and topics to be covered.
  • Self-Paced Study Guide
    • 50+ page, easy to navigate study guide created specifically to prep you for the Part 107 Knowledge test.  Includes 5 printable reference sources and associated reference pages for deeper research when you need it.
  • Official Part 107 Practice Test
    • Official practice test providing guidance on what to expect during Part 107 exam.
  • Part 107 Process Guide for Easy Completion
    • Follow this process to ensure you are able to complete the Part 107 requirements with ease.  What to do first, how long to expect and how to work through the process quickly.

Content Summary:

  • Complete study guide for Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge test to complete it at your own pace
  • Documented process to receive your Part 107 certification
  • Map of test centers by region and contact information
  • Condensed list of FAA Reference Materials, including link to Official FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Practice Test & other official FAA prep documentation

Note: Federal Drone Registration does not guarantee you will pass the FAA Knowledge Test from these materials.  The study materials provided are intended to assist with the applicant’s ability to understand, analyze and evaluate the test content.