No registration or flight authorization is required if the drone falls into the toy category.  This means the drone weight is under 250 grams/0.55 lbs and is flying under the flight height of 30 meters/98 feet.

The pilot must also ensure not to jeopardize any person or property . 

If the drone is used at altitudes above 30 meters/98 feet above ground (or if the weight limit is exceeded), the pilot need an aviation permission from Austro Control.

Commercial (between 250 grams/0.55lbs)

Drones are divided into different categories . There are different areas of application (uninhabited, inhabited, populated and densely populated) and weight classes (up to 5kg, 5 to 25kg and 25 to and including 150kg). The majority of the sold drones fit into Category A . In Category A, drones that qualify have a weight between 250 grams/0.55lbs up to 5kg/11 lbs and will be flown in vacant or unoccupied area with visual connection and up to a height of 150 meters/492 feet.

A Category A approval takes 4-6 months and requires the following:

Penalty for No Commercial Registration

Not only the Austro Control, but also every citizen can report what is happening on a regular basis (for example competitors or neighbors who feel disturbed). The operation of a drone without authorization constitutes an administrative offense punishable by the District Administrative Authority with a fine of up to EUR 22,000.00 pursuant to § 169 para. 1 no. 1 LFG.